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BREAKING NEWS: Beiber Decides to Keep Hair

In a recent article on,  Justin “The Beeb” Bieber, friend of the blog and an occasional contributing writer on B’s N C’s, hinted that he might cut his hair in the future “if he gets bored”.  According to sources close … Continue reading

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Plumber’s Crack-Problem Solved

As you all know, one of the major problems in America today is the plumber crack and we here at ButtsNCuts have been doing our best to find a cure.   See photo for graphic depiction of “Plumber Crack”. NSFW. … Continue reading

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A New Monthly Installment: Famous Butts

Who Wants to Play Scrabble??? The other day I was playing Scrabble with my best friend Janice (pictured on the left), when I couldn’t help but wonder: “Who invented Scrabble, my favorite board game/learning tool?”. Once we finished our game I decided … Continue reading

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Baskcutball All-Star

When I think about hair cuts, which is 24/7, there’s one man who really takes the cake on who should win the trophy in both basketball and hair. We all remember Dennis Rodman. His trippy colors inspired fans around the … Continue reading

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Old Farts: A ButtsNCuts Original

PROFILE OF A HAIR ICON: Anthony Mancinelli Anthony Mancinelli, 98 is the oldest barber in the world according to the Guinness World Records 2010. The NYTimes claims “he clips hair, not conversation”. Which got me thinking WTF does that even mean??? Is … Continue reading

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Best Bottom Contest

As you all probably know, American Apparel (the company you love to hate) is searching for the best alternative ass [via Hipster Runoff] in their “Search for America’s Best Bottom Contest“. The submissions are still open til feb 21, so … Continue reading

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!!! First Cut/Butt !!!

Chick from Die Antwoord with a progressive cut/butt Will Yo-Landi’s haircut/bare butt help propel Die Antwoord to #1 on the charts? **** Bonus Close-Up Cut ****

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