Baskcutball All-Star

When I think about hair cuts, which is 24/7, there’s one man who really takes the cake on who should win the trophy in both basketball and hair. We all remember Dennis Rodman. His trippy colors inspired fans around the Midwest and possessed kids to start trying the same at home. A manic panic revolution. Whats amazing about this guy is – just think – everytime he keeps his hair that same length, gets a lil’ trim, he has to re-dye it these crazy colors to look good on the court. He must spend more time than anyone dealing with this! He looks like he took some carpet samples from Menards and sewed them together in leatherface fashion. It sometimes looks like a little child spilled some mac n cheese on the carpet and tried to clean it out themselves but it left some crusts in the fibers. I hope he never comes face to face with my cats, they might use him as a scratching post instead of the recliner. Well, to make this more 2010, I was curious as to what this guy is doing now and if he is still going strong with his hair. Maybe it’s thinning? I couldn’t find a thing. He is probably hiding out because he’s 49 and has the “toilet seat look” up there.

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