Old Farts: A ButtsNCuts Original

PROFILE OF A HAIR ICON: Anthony Mancinelli

Anthony Mancinelli, 98 is the oldest barber in the world according to the Guinness World Records 2010The NYTimes claims “he clips hair, not conversation”. Which got me thinking WTF does that even mean??? Is he really good at talking? Or is he just so old that he does everything really slowly so the convo goes on and on and on?

One regular customer said “He’s like a walking history book”. I bet he probably has tons of wild stories!!!

Like when he was 30 years younger and went skinny dippin’/tubin’ with his #1 group of friends:

Or when he was going through a midlife crisis and decided to go on a motorcycle trip across the country with other Men of a Certain Age like the guys in that one movie or that one movie on blu-ray:

Or the time he was 22 and went to Lollapalooza to see Daft Punk, but got too drunk and missed the show : (

It was okay though because he saw them Wisconsin at small venue before they got huge and turned into robots.

Anyways it seems like Mr. Mancinelli is pretty jolly dude. I wish he cut my hair.

Have you guys ever had your haircut by this old dude?
Has he ever talked your ear off while gettin’ a cut?
Or is Mr. Mancinelli getting more credit than he deserves?

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