Plumber’s Crack-Problem Solved

As you all know, one of the major problems in America today is the plumber crack and we here at ButtsNCuts have been doing our best to find a cure.   See photo for graphic depiction of “Plumber Crack”. NSFW. Also, Not Safe Anywhere (NSA):

Luigi before he got signed to a major video game deal

Insufficient butt crack coverage syndrome or ISBCC, according to WebMD, is commonly know as “Plumber’s crack” or “Plumber Butt” due to its inexplicably high concentration in the plumbing industry.  However, recent studies have shown that ISBCC has also sunk its teeth into the “skank” demographic.  Researchers have pinpointed the cause of this to the rise in popularity of low-rise jeans.  Popular “skanks” like Britney Spears (luvvved u on Blackout) and Christina ‘Let’s Get Dirty’ Aguilera proliferated this trend back when they were still relevant humans.

Currently, the popular high schooler Zac Efron is making waves in the industry:

Too bad he had undies on! What a QT Pi ! Wish I was 17 Again!

“All I ever wanted to be was a plumber”
-Zac Efron


So, like I said earlier the ButtsNCuts R&D Department has been doing extensive research on ISBCC and have finally found a cure for the syndrome that is affecting literally millions of Americans.  We give you the Backtacular from

Backtacular is a hypoallergenic, decorative, adhesive patch that is applied directly to the skin above the upper  cleft of the buttocks. Each package comes with two replacent tapes.

If you know someone who has ISBCC Syndrome please email us with a photo.  The first 5,000 people to comment on this post may receive a free Backtacular.

Are plumber’s cracks sexy when hot chicks have them?
Do you guys where low-rise jeans?
Do you have a family member or loved one that is affected by ISBCC?
Do you already own a Backtacular?

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3 Responses to Plumber’s Crack-Problem Solved

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  2. Douchebag McCockkensuck says:

    What if the upper cleft region gets sweaty? WHAT THEN?

    • ButtsNCuts says:

      You bring up an interesting point. However, the Backtacular’s patented “odor-killing sweat absorbent upper cleft technology” leaves sweat defenseless and odor nonexistent.

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