BREAKING NEWS: Beiber Decides to Keep Hair

In a recent article on,  Justin “The Beeb” Bieber, friend of the blog and an occasional contributing writer on B’s N C’s, hinted that he might cut his hair in the future “if he gets bored”.  According to sources close to The Beeb, he is “really into the long hair right now”.  So it seems as though the crisis has been averted.  THANK GOD!  “The Bieber”, as many haircut industry analysts are calling it, has been taking the country by storm.  Apparently, teen boys are breaking open their piggy banks to get “The Bieber” in the hopes of being mistaken for Justin Bieber in order to take advantage of all the tweenage hotties that are currently in heat over The Beeb.

But we all know there’s only one Bieber in this world…

“There’s gonna be one less lonely girl”-The Beeb, 2010


Back when the ButtsNCuts staff went to daycare at Community Child Care Center (CCCC) with The Beeb, we were pretty avid bikers.

In fact, Bieber used to be mad sick on a fixed-gear.  Here is a sweet vid we shot after a long day of “ships across the ocean” at CCCC back in like 95′.  You can see The Beeb with his shirt off biking with a Heineken Mini-Keg at the 1:43 mark.  Lance Armstrong was with us too, check it out!!!:

Almost forgot! Bonus Amber Rose Butt Pic for the Perves:

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