This Week in News: Local Girl Cuts Hair

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MINNEAPOLIS, MN- In a shocking turn of events, local Pepitos waitress, Tanya Jackson decided to cut her hair exactly 2.5 inches on the left side of her head.  When asked why, Jackson, 21, said she “thought it would look cute!”



Jackson’s father, on the other hand, had different thoughts on the matter.  “Is she trying to give me a heart attack”, said Mr. Jackson after old Mrs. Beatrice informed him of the new haircut she saw Tanya sporting during her daily lunch at Pepitos.  We tried to speak to Mrs. Beatrice, however, all we could get out of her was that “the salsa was extra spicy today”.

According to Jackson’s father, this is just another in an increasingly long line of “silly things Tanya has done lately.  First, it was the tattoo, then it was the second, bigger tattoo.  Now this?  I just thank GOD her mother isn’t here to see this.”

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