Local Teens Get Dirty on Dancefloor

MINNEAPOLIS, MN-In the wee hours of July 1st, 2010 two local teens found themselves caught in the throws of passion with the entire world watching.  On a night when the outrageously popular unpopular DJ/Producer, FAMUEL was getting the crowd into a frenzy boring the crowd, these two decided it was the perfect time for a brief, intimate moment.

Photo removed

This is relevant due to the fact that the female pictured above has a fair amount of “butt cleavage” showing.  Industry analysts have done extensive research and have determined the identities of the mysterious “couple” that have been blowing up over the internet for their total disregard for common decency.  The male previously mistaken for Justin Beiber (pictured right) is actually Alejandro Morales McGonzales, a dishwasher at the Pepitos on 46th and Nicollet.  His “dance” partner (pictured left) is none other than Lexus Lexus, heiress to the Luxury Sport Utility Vehicle Empire.  Apparently, she has been seen canoodling with this dishwasher for the past few years, off and on.  Sources close to the “dirty double” as many are calling them on many message boards online, say marriage is even a possibility.  Either way, it is safe to say they had a good night.

***Bonus Poem by acclaimed feminist author Stephenie Meyer****

Tonight is THE Night“-By Stephenie Meyer, Author and Poet

Legs locked
Bodies sweating
Beat pulsating
Reaching…getting closer
Almost there
Hands cupped
Tonight is the night

***The ButtsNCuts staff would like to thank Stephenie Meyer for her eloquently beautiful poetic contribution.

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2 Responses to Local Teens Get Dirty on Dancefloor

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  2. Cory says:

    ……baker and lexis?

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