Bad Hair Days: A New Weekly Installment

Some of you may remember the Pepitos waitress Tanya from a previous ButtsNCuts article [link].  She seems to be a mild mannered, yet still rebellious twenty-something who has a love for tattoos and tacos.  Anyways, we decided to send our intern Jeff to get lunch last week and it just so happened that he ran into the internet startlet in line at the local McDonald’s.  Let’s just say it wasn’t pretty.

Sources close to Jackson said things were going fine with the new haircut until last Monday.  In an effort to get to Pepitos on time, Tanya used the blow dryer to speed up the drying process.  The blow dryer wanted nothing to do with it.  Indivduals in the blow dryer camp say Tanya was being abusive, yelling at Blow Dryer to “hurry the eff up”.  Blow Dryer couldn’t take it anymore and just snapped!  The end result, well, Tanya hasn’t been able to get her hair out of it’s current bushy state for a week.  Adding insult to injury, Tanya was fired from her job at Pepitos.  The fight with Blow Dryer  caused her to be 2 hours late, and when she showed up, looking like a deranged killer, Tom the manager fired her on the spot.

We will miss you Tanya Jackson.  We will remember you.  The old you.  The better you.


Since our CEO suffered a butt related injury during shark week, we have been on hiatus, now that we’re are back and the CEO has recovered somewhat we have an extra special bonus Amber Rose pic!!!!


Amber Rose Butt Pic

And a Kim Kardashian Budunkadunk Pic!

And a Kim Kardashian Pre-RAY J Sex Tape Pic!

Sexy Can I?

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