ButtsNCuts Takes on Coachella

Greetings!  It’s been awhile.  Nice to be back interacting with you, the shareholders, again.  We have a lot of exciting things planned for the future, including expansion to the Big Apple.  Yeah, we’re excited too.  Anyways this past weekend the entire ButtsNCuts staff went out to Coachella Music Festival to research some of the latest and greatest in butt and haircut fashions and technology.  We had the opportunity to see a lot of butts, a lot of cuts, and talk with a lot of tastemakers in the industry.   Who said work can’t be fun? (See our new “Careers” tab if you think you’re a good fit for our corporate culture.)  Let me introduce you to the team:

Left to right: Jeff, Tammy, Leslie, Ben, Nancy.

Jeff is our “tech guy” or “computer guru”.  He is PC Pro Certified and has an associates degree from the North Dakota School of Science.  Watch out Zuckerburg!

Tammy is the head of R&D.  Let’s just say that this company wouldn’t have been able to rebound from last year’s bankruptcy without her great ideas and stellar work ethic.

Leslie used to be in charge of New Accounts, but recently she had to be let go.  She broke the company sexual harassment policy…more than once.

Ben is our CFO.  He has an advanced degree in mathematics from Harvard as well as an MBA in finance from the Wharton School of Business.

Nancy doesn’t work here at ButtsNCuts.  She is actually the lady that sells sandwiches at lunch.  Not sure why she is in this photo.

Last but not least we have Kacey and Ashley, and don’t get any ideas fellas they are only 16!  They are the actual interns and have carved out their niche here at ButtsNcuts with their uncanny ability to spot future trends within the butt and cut industries.

Oh almost forgot, our janitor Dave is coming too.

Anyways, let’s get into it already!!!

We were just informed Jeff partied a little too hard in Indio, CA and is actually still out in the desert.  As of press time we have not been able to locate him or the company camera.  The most recent picture we have is a photo taken of Jeff on his new iPhone 2G.  He sent it to us with the caption “Here We Go”.  If anyone in Indio, CA knows the whereabouts of Jeff, pictured below, please contact us immediately.

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