Jeff is Dead, #pray_for_jeff

As you all know, our dear friend and colleague Jeff was lost in the Californian desert.  There haven’t been any new leads, and police have ended the search.  Throughout this trying time there has been an outpouring of support through email, phone calls and letters.  Many users have sent in photos of themselves showing off their butts (Jeff was a butt guy) to try to lift morale in the community that has been devastated for the past few days.  We thought it would only be right to share these photos with the rest of the world.  We will be selling a book of fan submitted butts to raise money for Jeff’s family.  If you share this on Twitter or Facebook, please use the hash tag #pray_for_jeff so we can spread awareness and help raise money for his family.  Thank you so much.  Here are some of the fan submitted photos:

Jared, 35, from Oklahoma

Sarah, 21, from Montana

Jaime, 23, from New York

Toni,19, from California

Toni’s baby, Charlie, 2, also from California

Nancy, 27, from Colorado

Tammy, 48, and her girls, from North Dakota

Friend of the company, Amber Rose, from Heaven

It has been tough guys, thanks for keeping our spirits up.

RIP Jeff (1965-2011)




We’re gonna miss you Jeff.

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