Got a New Job!

According to many of the nations economic news sources, companies are starting to hire again.  Sadly, numbers aren’t looking so good for ButtsNCuts.  Since late February the stock price has been sliding steadily leaving investors questioning whether ButtsNCuts is still a going-concern, or on the verge of another bankruptcy.  In an effort to increase our market share I, the CEO, have accepted a job at Great Clips, (but only part time).

Great people, great atmosphere, great clips!

Since I’m just starting out I’m gonna be stuck answering phones for a few months, but Nancy, my mentor, said I can start cutting hair after that.  She is a stickler about technique, but I’m looking forward to the challenge.

That’s Nancy there!  She has been great!  And that’s Jim…he is not so great.  He is the store manager.  He has an alcohol problem.  Anyways, it’s really exciting to be back on the grind, working my way up the corporate ladder.

I am looking forward to sharing this experience with you all.  I will be using the company website as a sort of “personal blog” to let you the shareholders get an “inside look” into the things we are doing here to make the company grow.


CEO, ButtsNCuts

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