Market Watch-Butts Stay Strong in Down Market

Defying analyst expectations, Butts (NYSE:B) has been steadily outperforming the market, despite the recent downturn.  Social media sites, including Facebook have been buzzing about the relative strength of butts during this recent downturn.  With gold prices hitting all time highs our research department thinks Butts will do the same.  As you know Butts have and, likely, always will be recession proof.  So, with the current market volatility it might not be a bad idea to re-adjust your portfolio allocations and increase your Butt holdings.

As you can see above, Butts has seen a lot of support, with 20 more people claiming to like “Butt Guys” in a little more than a week.  For those in the ‘chix w/dix’ and ‘legs’ markets, things aren’t looking bad either, with derivatives increasing in volume by 100% and 200%, respectively.

Disclosure: We currently have long positions in Butts (NYSE:B) and Legs (NASDAQ: LGS).  However, we currently hold short positions in Chix w/Dix (NASDAQ: DIX) by way of put options.

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