Why We Occupy….. for the BUTTS!

Me(Ned) just 'illing at home '09

Hello! I am the new Butts n’ Cutts intern, Ned Spielty! (Brief shoutout to my homeboy and previous intern Jeff! #RIPJEFF #onelove) The BnC Team thought it would be good for me to have my introductory post be about something that really mattered to me, and spoke to my generation!


Using our hands to help shape our ideal butt.

I am honored to bring you my first post from Zuccotti Park, so fucking thrilled!!!! I am so stoked to be voicing my opinion on the bullshit of wealth distribution in our fair and great land! #joetheplumber

The major corporations have far too long held all the power in this country, specifically in terms of their majority shares in Butts commodity. The 99% has been unable to afford sweet and luscious butts. I should be able to pay a fair and reasonable price for my butts! But NO! The 1% has made cheap hot butts all but extinct! (pun INTENDED!) These wall street fucking asshole pig fascists hogging all that good sweet college ass, with their craigslist ads on free living in NYC (and probably other places) 4 hot buns/slavery, sitting in their towers of butt greed! Where are the butts for the 99%??!! Un-effin-real. #bailoutbutts


We need change! We are the 99%!

“The people!
 United (for butts)!
Will never be defeated (on things related to butts)!!”
-THE 99%


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1 Response to Why We Occupy….. for the BUTTS!

  1. derg says:

    Thomas paine, what a bro

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