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Why We Occupy….. for the BUTTS!

Hello! I am the new Butts n’ Cutts intern, Ned Spielty! (Brief shoutout to my homeboy and previous intern Jeff! #RIPJEFF #onelove) The BnC Team thought it would be good for me to have my introductory post be about something that really mattered … Continue reading

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Famous Butts: Amber Rose

Amber Rose is an angel.  Great cut! Great butt! Great ButtNCut!  Recently, she was at the 2011 VMA’s with her BF @DaRealWizKhalifa. WHAT A COUPLE!  SO SWAG! Apparently there are rumors floating around that Wiz and Amber are going to … Continue reading

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Jeff is Dead, #pray_for_jeff

As you all know, our dear friend and colleague Jeff was lost in the Californian desert.  There haven’t been any new leads, and police have ended the search.  Throughout this trying time there has been an outpouring of support through … Continue reading

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Market Research: What do ButtsNCuts readers want?

In effort to “connect” with you the reader we are asking for your opinion on what ButtsNCuts should write about. Please take a look at the list of topics and use the comments section to share your thoughts: a. More … Continue reading

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Mickey Rourke Attempts to Look Human, Gets Haircut

For those who aren’t familiar with Mickey Rourke, he is an extremely popular actor/amateur boxer who has starred in movies like The Wrestler and Iron Man Part Deux.  However, he is probably most well-known for turning down lead roles in … Continue reading

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